New Horizons Counseling Services, Inc is our telehealth platform. Please click the name of your provider below to enter the waiting room. Each waiting room is a private space in which your therapist will begin the session with the click of a button. 

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  • Dress for a session in the office
  • Use earbuds to increase privacy (voices on the phone seem to carry more than those in an office)
  • Place a fan, white noise machine, or radio outside the door to reduce sound transfer
  • Educate your family about telehealth to discourage interruptions
  • Be in a private location so that you can talk openly as if you are in the therapist’s office
  • Communicate any discomfort or differences so that you and your therapist can work to address your concerns

New Horizons Counseling Services, Inc continues to acknowledge the role of electronic communication within society to create a means to convey information between individuals. Electronic communication extends, not only, to emails and text messages, but also, service delivery through telehealth platforms. Telehealth or remote care is the delivery of health care services through HIPAA compliant video and telephonic communications.

Telehealth services require effort on both the part of you and your therapist.