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New Horizons Counseling Services, Inc

About Us

Mission Statement

To cultivate the development of skilled, dedicated clinical and administrative staff, who set an industry standard for excellence in individualized public service that promotes positive social change within the community.


New Horizons was started by C. Katherine DeStefano, PhD, LPC, as a place that  is dedicated to helping others by utilizing the method and manner which best fits the therapist and client.

 Dr. DeStefano is dedicated to finding and employing the top therapists in the area, helping to nurture and develop their skills for the most successful therapeutic outcomes for their clients.

Therapeutic skills to necessitate therapeutic change:

  • Match therapist and client to promote successful therapeutic outcomes
  • Understand client needs and identify strengths
  • Establish treatment suited for the person and his or her environment
  • Establish community links to help clients access care
  • Reduce and/or alleviate symptoms to improve current level of functioning
  • Prevent relapse or deterioration of behavior in order to maintain successful outcomes


  • Build skilled, dedicated clinicians who in turn promote client well being
  • Build a stronger community by providing supports and needed services
  • Enhance the standard of living for each client who enters therapeutic care
  • Gather data to aid the psychological community in providing therapeutic support